Back Behind Enemy Lines:

Chris Bridge - Back Behind Enemy Lines update (2)This was my first published novel but the fourth that I had written. The first novel I wrote was poor. It was in fact two novels shoved together, like a car impact. The second was about abuse. I rewrote this one eight times before I got it right. It’s waiting in the list for publication. It’s now called The Excuse of Snow. The third novel is called Fun-da-mental. This was the first that an agent picked up and asked for the first 30 pages. She made positive comments, so I asked if I could send her Back Behind Enemy Lines and she said I could. She read the first 30 pages and asked for the whole novel. I whooped. Alone in the house, I whooped. I sent her the rest and she loved it, but no publisher would take it.

            I wasn’t surprised. I’m the wrong age for a start. Perhaps, for the first time in my life, I’m also the wrong gender. When I tentatively said that to Molly, my daughter, she pointed out that I had no right to complain having benefitted so often from being male. She has a point.  

            Of course, I would have preferred a printed copy to hold and put on the shelf, but when my agent offered to publish it for me on Amazon I grabbed at the chance.

I have to say there are real benefits to Kindle publication. The reviews helped to boost sales and they gave me feedback, made me feel like a writer. By publishing like this it was possible to put small mistakes right as we went along. Because it sold well I was offered a printed version through Amazon’s superb PoD (Print on Demand) system. That was a real high point, placing it on my bookshelves next to Jane Eyre, because that was where it went in alphabetical order by name of author.

I have really enjoyed the feedback.


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